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These were designated d700 when in use on the Dolphin network, and although I haven't actually used one of the ex-Dolphin units, other Tetra terminals destined for this use were somewhat "custom" and refused to accept DMO talkgroups. 
This was the oldest model of Tetra terminal that I owned, although, in a way, it was the most enjoyable.
It did all the things that come with TETRA standard terminals, such as group and private calling, text messaging etc. Mine output 1 Watt RF and covered 410-430 MHz.
Non colour dot matrix screen (so no pictures) but CAN work in DMO mode as well as TMO. I never did manage to get this to work with a duplex DMO repeater (Cleartone CM9000).

The programming kit for the MTP300 is CRAZY expensive see here, so don't be offended when people refuse to "share" something that it took 6 months to save for!

The audio quality from these is exactly the same as from a brand new MTH800 (fantastic) and the battery life (with extended battery) is phenomenal (around 20 hours with light use)

Quick specs
  • Size HxWxD: 135 x 60 x 30 (standard battery)
  • Weight: 260g (with battery) 150g (without battery)
  • Max Talkgroups: 255
  • Frequency bands: 380-400MHz and 410-430MHz
  • Output power: 1 Watt