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Many of the UK Police forces use the MTH800, but this is no good reason for you to do the same. It has limited output (1 Watt max but normally makes less), the depth of the unit with extended battery makes it quite bulky to carry inside a jacket pocket, and has quite limited features in DMO.
On the plus side, they are quite common so tend to be cheap to get hold of and there are many manufacturers making accessories such as remote speaker microphones and earpieces.

The MTH800 is what I refer to as a "modern" terminal... It will cope with text messages, working through DMO repeaters and TMO gateways.
It has a colour screen, extremely loud and clear speaker and produces a little more bass on transmit than Sepura products.

In the past, I have used mine in a vehicle handsfree kit, mounted in a suitcase. The suitcase is a complete RoIP node containing PC, modem, interface and battery. The Handsfree kit keeps the radio powered and provides access to audio, PTT and external antenna socket.