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I had one of these for about 3 months. As far as the average hobbyist goes, they behave and look like an MTM800e but with a higher output power of 10W (the MTM800 has 3W).

I don't remember if DMO repeater function was a software upgrade through purchase of a licence, but every MTM5400 that I've seen so far has had DMO repeater function activated. If you're on the hunt for one, ask the seller if that unit has DMO repeat!

The programming interface allows for either serial (RS232) or USB and can be accessed through the rear accessory socket.
The rear socket on this radio is different to the one found on the MTM700 / MTM800 so pay attention when purchasing accessories such as programming leads / audio accessories.

USB Lead PMKN4110

Accessory Plug Kit PMLN5072

Serial Lead PMKN4105

Front USB Lead HKN6184