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Sepura Frequency Bands

TG 400 - 433 MHzGood for use on amateur radio 70cm band

 TL368.5 - 400 MHz

 TN380 - 414 MHz

 TR350 - 372 MHz

440 - 473 MHz
Covers PMR446 band and commercial band

 XB851 - 870 MHz
These are as rare as botulism - Avoid

 TZ410 - 430 MHz
Most common found on second hand market. Could be used on 430MHz but would "bleed" out of band.
370 - 400 MHz

 TW380 - 430 MHz
Also common on second hand market. Could be used on 430MHz but would "bleed" out of band.
380 - 400 MHz
Pretty much only used on the Airwave network in the UK. Avoid like the plague!
 407 - 473 The holy grail of coverage. Covers the entire amateur and commercial bands, and even includes PMR446.


HW (Hardware) code

The hardware code contains some useful information if you want to find out more about a specific terminal.
The two main areas of concern are the frequency coverage and the encryption that the device supports.
On handhelds. remove the battery and you should find a sticker with the Hardware Code. On mobiles, the sticker will be located on the main unit.

The HW code will look like this on an SRH3800 on TW band: PSGTW001T400100

Ignore the first three characters, and look at the next two to get the "band". Refer to the chart on the left to find out what frequencies the device covers.

The 6th digit tells you about the encryption.
0 = Clear (No encryption).
1 = TEA1
2 = TEA2 (Probably a missing Airwave set. AVOID!)
3 = TEA3

On Sepura devices, there are a few hidden menus. Key in the following numbers:

*477 Network Quality, Neighbour Cells, GPS Information, Hard/Software revision and more.
*2797 Battery information page.
*762 Start streaming GPS data over the serial connector.