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Sepura Software Versions

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To work with Sepura terminals, you will eventually have to get to grips with the software which is installed in the radio.

To find out what software your radio has, press Star 4 7 7
The radio will drop into a hidden engineering screen.
You can scroll through the various cards using the directional buttons, and exit using the up or red buttons.
The amount of cards you have will depend on the radio and the software installed.

On card 3, you will be presented with the following:

The first line is the software version
Second line is the terminal serial number
Third line is the MCC.MNC.ISSI
Fourth line is the TEI

The software version is decoded thus:
On the example we have:
1639 016 02933
1639 is the software version
016 is the build number
02933 is the terminal type (handheld / mobile)

The table below is my running record of all the software that I have come across so far. It includes any notes of interest such as bugs and incompatibilities.

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