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SRP2000 GEN2

My choice of workhorse. The "generation 2" handsets are easy to recognise by the rounded case design. I use my SRP2000 pretty much every day because it does everything I need it to, and none of the stuff I don't.

Greyscale screen won't do pictures, but doesn't use as much battery power as the colour screen Sepura's. Works on DMO, and automatically detects and affiliates with DMO repeaters and TMO gateways.
Fully supports SDS (text) messaging and pre-defined status messaging in DMO.
Mine are SGPS models, so can work out and send their location over the air interface. Also, within the test page, you can see the longitude / latitude and other parameters displayed on the screen.
Mine are TZ band which cover 400-430 MHz, but other bands are available.

From the factory, the output power is quite low (circa 20 Milli-Watts) but Sepura products can be re-aligned. The most I have seen from a Sepura handheld after re-alignment is 2.5 Watts.

Sepura photo DSCF3250.jpg

Sepura SRP2000 photo DSCF3252.jpg