Radio Programming & Repairs

Won't switch on? Engineering Mode? Volume dial loose? Maybe you just want a terminal programming, or the output power adjusting.
Whatever it is, let me know and I'm sure I can arrange what you need.
I aim to answer all Emails within 12 hours of receipt.

I ask for £60 per terminal

This is a complete service which includes software update, programming, realignment AND return postage via Royal Mail special delivery.
No fix, no fee. I only ask that if I can't repair or program your radio, YOU pay the return postage.

PIN and Reset PIN on Sepura terminals

There are two types of pin on Sepura terminals:
  • PIN
  • PUK (reset PIN)
The  PIN can be overwritten using software tools.
The PUK (reset PIN) can only be programmed if you know the old one. If you don't know the old one, the radio must be sent to Sepura so that they can re-flash the SSP (Secondary Secure Processor).

If you are looking for a Tetra radio, feel free to contact me BEFORE you buy it and I will tell you if it is suitable for what you are doing.
Also, if you obtain a radio that asks for a PIN, and you don't know it, DO NOT try to guess it!! You get three chances before the radio demands a PUK (reset PIN) and it will then need to be sent to Sepura.
I won't sort out PIN issues for free, but I CAN sort them out provided the radio is sent to me BEFORE it asks for the PUK (reset PIN).

I also carry out custom equipment builds of the type seen in my Youtube videos. Desktop units, interfaces, even building and vehicle fits. Simply Email me with your requirements and I'll do my best to help.