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RoIP Interfaces

You need some sort of interface to connect the PC to a radio.
This is where you need to decide what radio standard (Tetra DMR etc) you will be using.
If you are using DMR radio's, they tend to have VOX built in to the actual radio, so all you need is to connect the audio lines from the radio to the PC.
Audio output of your PC goes to the MIC input of your radio.
This means that any audio you get from the "software" will be available to the radio so that it can re-broadcast that audio via RF.
You can then listen to that audio with a handheld.
The VOX function of the radio will "see" the incoming audio and automatically transmit.
If your radio doesn't have VOX (most Tetra radio's don't), you will need some sort of external VOX activation to make your radio transmit the incoming audio.
This is where the interface starts to get more complex. The interface needs to "hear" the incoming audio from the PC software, activate the PTT (Press To Talk) on you radio AND pass that audio on to your radio microphone input.