VOXLINK - RoIP Made Better

  • RoIP Interface - VOX & COM port (serial) keying
  • Should connect ANY radio to any Windows / Mac / Linux machine.
  • Built in soundcard - No need to use computers soundcard
  • Built in serial port - Can be used on computers with no serial port
  • DE9 serial plug on rear panel - Can be used to program radios
  • Hackable - Most important ports have 2.54mm pitch headers
  • Updatable - Microcontroller can be reprogrammed through rear USB

Updates will happen here, on Facebook and Youtube.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/digitalradiohacker


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Price INCLUDES postage and a custom built cable for your radio.
Unsure? Email me: admin@digitalradiohacker.co.uk

There is a slim chance that there will be some issue with supply chain issues.
For example, there is currently a global shortage of capacitors. This may add a slight delay while I source alternative parts.
I will NOT use "Wan Hung Lo" brand components from Ebay.
If the board ends up having some kind of issue, I will adjust the design and order new boards. This could add a few weeks of delay.
I am always available to discuss concerns or issues. You will NEVER be put through to "a member of our sales team".
You can email me, the person who designs and builds these units, direct.


Only the absolute top quality components
used from the below brands:

All the above logos are trademarks of their respective owners
The above companies do NOT endorse me or my product