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My name is David, but even the bank have started calling me Dave. I've been a UK radio amateur since early 2006 and a bit of a radio / electronics geek from a very young age. With radio, I started out with the only two way radio type that I knew about... CB. This was where I learned about power supplies, antennas, coaxial cable and linear amplifiers.
This was all good and well, but the novelty soon wore off. I came to the CB party too late and all there seemed to be was truck drivers and the odd taxi. They all had CB for business purposes and didn't want to "talk shop". I ended up losing interest and pursued other hobbies.
Years later, I got a hankering for playing with radio again, and this time, PMR446 had sprung up and Ebay had become popular.
I was experimenting with lots of different things including commercial equipment, but didn't really take much of it seriously.
It was at this time (late 2005) that my dad announced that he was wanting to set up a CCTV system at home, and that he was going to build the entire system from scratch.
There are various cameras in several places all hard wired to a "control box" that he made. All cameras are pan and tilt. The control box is linked back to the house on a UHF radio link where there is a small keyboard (radio linked) for controlling pan and tilt etc. For the radio link to work, he had to exceed the legal limit for licence free, and decided to sit the UK radio amateur exam so that everything would be above board.
I tagged along and sat the exam at the same time. He scored full marks, which is almost unsurprising, bearing in mind he has been an electronics professional for well over 30 years. I dropped a few points which didn't go down too well.

After that I did the whole "HF" thing. I visited my parents one summer afternoon and set up a full size G5RV in the garden. One end was strung to the apex of the bungalow roof and the other end strung to a tree. Most of the ladder line was coiled up next to me on the driveway, with the whole lot plugged into a little tuner. The rig was a brand new Yeasu FT817 running on its internal batteries. My first HF contact with this set up? Russia.

The excitement didn't last long, and so I went in search of "other" things. This website chronicles the vast array of totally useless information about those "other things" that I have seen fit to fill my head with.

Please feel free to have a look around, let me know about any broken links and above all, let me know what you think (good or bad).

There is a server now running on Teamspeak.
For those that have never done this type of thing, it is a program similar in concept to Skype, except with Teamspeak, the call is always in progress, and multiple can join the "call". This is what me and Gareth Clements use to connect various radios systems up. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, IOS, and Android.

Download Teamspeak here: https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads

Server details:

Be aware that IP latency, VOX circuits delay in activating and digital radios time spent setting up a call DO cause a slight time delay. Bear this in mind when calling up, as the first word of anything you say WILL be "lost" with this system.

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Email: admin@digitalradiohacker.co.uk

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