This website is in CONSTANT development.

I am looking for comments and criticism for a new design of RoIP interface that I intend to manufacture.
Please fill in the below poll to help me understand what features are important to you.
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There is a server now running on Zello
For those that have never done this type of thing, it is a program similar in concept to Skype, except with Zello, the call is always in progress, and multiple can join the "call". This is what me and Gareth Clements use to connect various radios systems up. It works on Windows, IPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Download Zello here:


Search for "Triffid TM1"

If you have problems signing in, email me.

Be aware that IP latency, VOX circuits delay in activating and digital radios time spent setting up a call DO cause a slight time delay. Bear this in mind when calling up, as the first word of anything you say WILL be "lost" with this system.

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Email: admin@digitalradiohacker.co.uk

ROIP link to Lithuania