You may have just "wondered in" here. You may have been provided with a link. Either way, you are searching for answers, and answers you shall receive!

  • Hey "bro". Can yu giv me software / hackz / warez / modzzzzzz?

I have one sister. She has NO interest in this kind of gear, and she writes FAR better websites than I do. It is for this reason, that if you are reading this, I am not your "bro".

Most of the software that is used for this kind of gear is actually quite expensive to get hold of, which is a shame, as if it were cheaper, more people would simply buy the software instead of trying to copy it. I can't hand out copies of this software because it isn't "mine" to copy. I probably have no idea who you are, and if you turned out to be some sort of counter-piracy team member working for the manufacturers, where would that leave me? In trouble... That's where.

  • How du i lizen 2 da polizse?

Simple. Go to a police station and start a conversation. Tell them you see no merit in wearing a seat belt to anyone wearing a white cap, and you will soon be "listening to the police" Oh.. That isn't what you meant was it? What YOU want, is to "program your SRP2000 to register with Airwave". Forget it. It cannot be done. And by "cannot" I mean perpetual motion impossible "cannot". It isn't some sort of knowledge, or software, or some special "key" that is missing. The entire system is SPECIFICALLY designed to keep us out.

  • How can best maked the SRP2000 blast LAPD auiozzz?

Simple. Just don't ask me to explain how it is done. I'm afraid that rebroadcasting LAPD audio on amateur radio frequencies would be a breach of your license terms, unless you have a NoV. If you were licensed, and could apply for, and get approved for a NoV, you probably wouldn't be asking the question.

Doing the same on PMR446 or CB would have a dim view taken of it, although in most areas, there are huge bands which are totally unused.

If you can't get something like this working on your own. you probably wouldn't be able to spot the warning signs that you are causing interference, and then take the steps to rectify it.

  • I just want to "listen". Tell me how to do it
No. If you had any legitimate access to a network, you would be provided with a terminal.

  • How do I make my callsign (Tango Victor Three Two) show on the screen?
If you are claiming that THAT is your callsign? Not with my help.

  • My friend can program "Airwaves" and he does it for £10
No they can't. My programming price is £40. If that is unacceptable to you, contact Sepura and ask them for a price. I'm sure they will be more than helpful.

  • Hey "bro". I need my airwavez 4 tactical reasons. It doeznt work. Mayk it work LOLZ!

We went through this already. I'm not your "bro".

The network is RUN by a company called Airwave solutions, hence, Airwave. "Airwaves" is a type of chewing gum.

Tactical reasons? Go to your official storeman and hand in the broken device. Have it swapped for a working one.

Why do you refuse to construct a coherent sentence when you converse with someone?